Trever Bierschbach

Founder, editor, and writer for Frags and Beer, Trever has been writing since he was very young.  He’s published a small press local gaming newsletter called The Dragon’s Library and a political blog, Disgruntled Patriot.  He is a fiction writer, and poet, avid reader, gamer, and has countless other hobbies with an amazing wife that tolerates all of it.  You can see his published fiction on under the title Wastelander, with more coming soon.  He writes because the stories and ideas have to go somewhere, even if no one else reads them.


Along with being a regular contributor at and covering gaming news and reviews, Trever has had the following pieces published in various locations.


Julie Bierschbach

Julie is our staff photographer covering cosplay and conventions. She is also a fantastic artist, jewelry designer, and business woman in her own right.

Julie’s art site:

Twitter: @ravenwingcreations
Instagram: Ravenwingcreations

Russell Michaels

Staff writer for Frags and Beer and resident film critic, Russell Michaels is a fan of most things.  An eternal optimist if you will (for the most part.)  Among the descriptors he ascribes to: Flipper of tables, cinephile, video game nerd (gamer,) music lover, Packers fan, Grump, and screen junkie.