1. Hjermind

    Don’t really see the point in saying it’s a pointless discussion, and then end up saying that Mark Hamill is the best Joker. I admit I have not seen the movie where Jack Nicholson portrays the Joker, but in my personal opinion, Heath Ledger have made the best interpretation of the Joker ever. But perhaps it’s also because I really like Nolan’s Joker in general.

    • xamot

      It’s only pointless to me when you consider the two. They are so completely different, different styles, different story, jokers from a different era. Heath Ledger’s joker is great, if you like the dark, edgy joker that has taken shape over the last 15 years or so. If a more traditional joker is your cup of tea, then Ledger’s take on it is not great, and Nicholson fits the bill better. In the case of these two it’s all about taste.

      The last bit about Hamill was more tongue-in-cheek, and because Hamill has made a fantastic career of voice acting that tends to get overlooked.

      Thanks for stopping by, by the way, love to get new readers that take the time to discuss.

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