Why Guild Wars 2 is better than World of Warcraft…Bears?!

I have made no secret of the fact that I am unimpressed with World of Warcraft, and I really could do without Activision.  I always did like Blizzard, but then they went the way of money over quality and I just can’t drag myself back to any of their products again.  Anyway, with the release … [Read more…]

Battlefield 3: Be ace squad every match

I know I harp on this, but as I play this game so regularly I see first hand that I can’t really harp on it enough.  Battlefield 3 is a squad-based tactical FPS.  Whether you like the squad interface or hate it, bemoan the lack of VOIP or understand it doesn’t exist because VOIP is … [Read more…]

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill…Armored Madness!

I’ve been playing quite a bit of this since the early release on Tuesday last week, and I have to say I’m loving it, for the most part.  They do deliver on some huge maps, as promised, and some great tank warfare, as advertised.  Most of these maps require an entirely new set of skills … [Read more…]

Zombie Watch: Bugout bags

A bugout bag is essential to increasing your odds of survival in any emergency, especially in the event of a zombie outbreak.  The ability to quickly grab the supplies you will need and get out of the area might be the difference between life and undeath.  There are countless places online to find shopping lists, … [Read more…]

Classic Games We Love: River Raid

This is a new feature that I wanted to start awhile back and have finally found a spot to get it rolling.  We all remember, with fondness, those old games we played back on the Atari, or Comodore, or 8 bit systems.  They are what got us into this hobby in the first place.  What … [Read more…]

Gen Con Indy 2012: Slideshow

Sigh…groan, you mean another person wants to share their vacation slides?!  Yes, now sit down and watch…how do I turn this thing on…someone get the lights. These pics were taken by my lovely wife, so sit back and enjoy. [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery1″ w=”600″ h=”170″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”NO”]

We’ve been nominated! One Lovely Blog Award!

We were quite surprised, and honored, to find out we were nominated for this award yesterday, by our friends over at Wallcat Gaming (link on left <–This way!  No, that way!–>).  So there are some rules to being nominated.  First, I have to tell you all 7 things about me.  Then I have to nominate … [Read more…]

Gen Con Indy 2012: Paizo Publishing, star of the show?

We’re going to go out on a limb and say YES! No questions asked. Blog done, end of post…nah just kidding.  Seriously though, my love of this company aside, they did put on the best (in my opinion) booth of the show, again affirming my belief that they are one of the best RPG publishers in the … [Read more…]

Gen Con Indy 2012: Being level one sucks!

Just like the title says, being level one sucks.  Sure, it’s kinda fun to meet new experiences head-on, learn something, and come out feeling like you conquered whatever it is you set out to do, but when you jump in head first and it overwhelms you…well it’s a whole mess of crazy amazing that can … [Read more…]