1. Kevin

    Kacy would only have qualified season 6 she has not even placed top 30 any other season. Jessie finished 4th place not 3rd, but she has qualified legit for Vegas 3 years in a row taking 5th, 2nd and 4th place in regional finals.

    Height on the warped wall is also a straw-man, the curve is more important for how high someone can get and they have a easy curve compared to a lot of gyms so citing height is misleading on difficulty.

    • Trever Bierschbach

      Thanks for reading, you’re right about the Daytona finals, the results I had read were incorrect. The rest of your post though doesn’t make much sense. I don’t believe I said anything about the height of the wall though I’ll look. Also not sure what you mean by noting the other results except to show the new rule shouldn’t be required because women are finishing anyway?

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