Top Tools Every Gamer Should Own

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Gaming is a serious business for gaming enthusiasts. As a gamer, you need to have tech that backs up your gaming skills. Over the years, advancements in gaming technology mean you need to stay on top of your game-literally. Here are some top tools that you need to acquire as a gamer.

1.     Steam

Steam is a digitalized distribution platform developed by the Valve Corporation. Steam consists of compatible versions for Android, MacOS, Linux, and Windows. The software’s popularity has grown over the past few years, making it a major role player in the gaming industry. Steam users can install different types of games in line with their operating system. Steam offers various software from major software manufacturers. Developers on the platform get an opportunity to access features that they can merge into their platforms.

2.     A VPN for gaming

Some countries do not support gaming, and if you are a gamer, you will find that a VPN can benefit gamers in many ways. A reliable VPN does not keep records of its users’ data. As soon as the user disconnects, it deletes all logs.

Beware of free VPN service providers as they collect user data and sell it to third parties without your consent. The data collection for sale is the catch for providing free services, and your data could easily fall into the hands of malicious individuals if you make use of these free VPNs.

Moreover, very popular video games have geo-restrictions, meaning that if you live in a certain country you may not have access to them. A VPN hides your actual location. You can bypass these restrictions and play your favorite games. A VPN helps in playing multiplayer games with players from other countries.

A VPNs best feature is its security and encryption capacity. If you are the type that loves gaming on the go, logging in via unsecured networks such as airports or coffee shops puts you at risk of DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) attacks.

A DDoS attack is an attempt by malicious people to disrupt service to networks, causing you to have poor gaming experience. A VPN can protect you from such attacks by encrypting every detail sent to and from your gaming device.

3.     OBS Studio

OBS Studio provides its users with a platform where they can record and stream videos. This platform is open-source and enables Linux, Mac, and Windows users to stream games online and record with their device cameras. Using your OBS Studio account, you can connect to streaming services such as Twitch. This app cancels any surrounding noise to improve your audio quality. OBS Studio provides an excellent user experience with its user-friendly nature.

4.     Razer Game Booster

Razer Game Booster is a PC app that enhances your computer system’s performance by the use of powerful features. Razer Game Booster also improves your system’s functionality, plus improving your gameplay using a feature that boosts your game. It deletes unwanted folders and files, increasing your free memory capacity. The app is also available for Android users, and gamers can earn some money through playing games. 

5.     Advanced System Optimizer

The Advanced System Optimizer is crucial for gamers who use PCs because it enhances performance when using the MS Windows OS. It optimizes the system memory and frees your drives by deleting junk folders and files. Its security features detect malware before it can infect your PC, and all you need to do is to make a click for the PC scanning of unwanted files. Newer versions do not need your intervention and scan automatically. Subscribed users get the full range of features offered by the app.


To get the perfect gaming experience, you need to acquire as many gaming tools as you can. Some of the tools are a must-have and some are not. For the best experience, you can go for software with multiple functionalities before considering those with only one purpose. This helps in reducing the apps on your gaming platform and improves your overall gaming experience.

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