1. I have not impressed many people with my comments on the Last Jedi but I will drop a few lines here since I think you hit on a few of the same issues.
    For the most part, I agree with your review. Holdo was plain and not very interesting until the light speed jump. Princess Leia’s miracle was an “ah, come on,” moment for me. The First Order forces seem skimpy in numbers too.
    To me this was ESB in reverse, almost scene for scene.
    AND the chase through space did not work for me. the question I had was why didn’t the First Order jump a star destroyer ahead of the rebels and then ambush them? A subspace chase? That just did not work for me.
    NOW for the parts I did like, LUKE was the best part of the movie. He made a mistake and his student turned to the dark side because of it. Weakness makes us all cringe. His made my heart drop. His self imposed exile was all great! He helped bring it out of the depths.
    But my ranking, and I know I will rankle the feathers with this, this was the worst of the 8 movies to date.

    • Trever Bierschbach

      Mike, thanks for stopping by and reading, I really appreciate it. I think a lot of people have forgotten that it’s OK when we don’t all agree on a movie. Some are going to love it, some will hate it and many will fall somewhere in the middle. It’s too bad how rankled people do get on this stuff.

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