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  1. Yup, I agree. Of course there is objectification of women in comics (and movies and ads and tv and bowling and …), but people seem to overlook the objectification of men — or, worse, the stereo typification of men — truly, I don’t think most guys would mind being objectified (I say that, NOT being an underwear model, so I could be completely wrong and guys hate that). However, whenever I see a commercial where the guy sneers because his S.O. wants him to go see a play or something and then fakes breaking a leg so he can watch a football game and drink beer (<– this is close to an actual commercial I've seen, though I can't remember what it was advertising), I cringe. I also cringe when I see yet another sitcom where a churlish boor of a man has some long-suffering wife that "puts him on the right path" by the end of the episode, only to have to do it again the next time because, well, boys-will-be-boys, right?

    Speaking of sexism in comics (and to give a plug to one of my essays — poems, in this case), I wrote a piece about the semi-recent hubbub about Starfire's re-imagined persona in the DCverse:

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