• rabbid jack

      Well, I’ll be the first one to bite. I don’t personally kill for vehicles unless the person is obviously a noob and is being detrimental to the game.

      On the other hand, what is the point of PAYING for a server if you can’t run it the way you see fit?

      Essentially the pubbers are GUESTS of the server and while they should be treated with respect, they usually don’t get it because they are guests.

      The money thing is not extortion, it is an invitation to join the clan. You don’t like it, you don’t have to join. Actually if you don’t like it, you are welcome to go somewhere else.

      I have been on servers like theirs on other sites, the admins were PITA’s and did similar stuff. Then I have been on servers where the admins were nonexistent, and hackers had 50 kills BEFORE YOU COULD SPAWN at the beginning of the game.

      While they may seem abusive, they DO try to keep hackers and riff raff out of the server, and as they told me a long time ago… if you want a vehicle, switch sides and you can have your shot at whatever is there….

      • xamotdb

        First, I’d like to say hello and welcome. Quite happy to see someone wants to discuss it in a reasonable manner. It’s all I asked, and as I’ve been told, the thread back on DA’s forums has been flamed to high hells by admins and staff. That’s why I went this route, I browsed the forums there, looking at other player complaints and I saw how they were handled.

        Just so it’s clear, I have been an admin on FPS servers for years. The clan I am currently a member of also has dues. In all my years, and with all my clans there has been a clear rule about how we treat our guests. Yes, we pay for the server, and yes we set our own rules, and we handle hackers, cheaters, and jerks in the same professional manner.

        As far as I know you are right, I have not seen you kill for vehicles. I have seen Allwork do it several times though, as was the case that day. I have no idea who kicked me, it doesn’t show that in the battlelog message. I was kicked right after I told the public players that they shouldn’t argue with the admins and should contact Illuzion, just like your server message says. I can only guess that’s why I was kicked.

        As for the money part? You really believe the line “If you don’t like the abuse then pay 15 bucks a month and join” is an invitation? It’s no different than the mob going to the little shop owner and breaking up his place and telling him if he doesn’t like it he can shell out protection money. Extortion by the most basic definition. Sure it was meant to be a funny comparison, and yah I don’t think that the crime can actually apply here, but honestly, that’s not an invitation by any means.

        I have seen admins TK for various reasons, and when the public raises a fuss the admins shout them down, cussing at them etc. It’s really a hostile environment. I have played on DA servers for years and never seen an issue before. After the first incident that I talked to Illuzion about I would just play and keep my head down and my mouth shut. This last time I thought I was helping everyone, getting the public to stop arguing with admins, and advising them the ‘server approved’ method of filing a complaint. For that I get kicked. Well like you said, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to, and I won’t go back.

        I do, however feel the need to at least make others in the community aware of what to expect should they visit that server. I’ve watched the FPS community slowly fester and degrade into such a cesspit. There was a time when FPS clans were places to go to have good games with good friends, fun environments, and some form of order in the chaos. Public/open servers were avoided because they were full of hackers, no rules, no admins, and just a bunch of kids playing at being adults. Now a long-standing clan server, DA, seems to have jumped into the cesspit, and some of us old gamers might not expect that.

        So, anyway, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around of course, discuss or whatever. I’ll be around. For now it’s off to bed, getting late/early here.

  1. rabbid jack

    I’m pretty sure that their in game message only says something about Joining for 15$ to get admin, teamspeak, etc.

    Not anything about join to stop the abuse… Maybe that was a message from an individual, but not from the server messages scrolling across the chat area.

    In any case, an opinion is an opinion and you are certianly entitled to yours. I think if you look at their forums there ARE a lot of complaints, but how many individuals play on their servers since they started BF3? 10,000? 20,000? More? Even if there were 1000 complaints (which I doubt) that would only be 5% of the people that play(ed) there.
    I’m not sure that no matter what you did, you could satisfy 5% of the players all the time, based on what I see people ingame say no matter what server I play on.

    But yes, it is most definetaly NOT a christian server,

    • xamotdb

      No, it was not a message that automatically scrolled, it was messages from admins. More than one. They say it on their forums too in response to complaints. Basically “If you don’t like it, pay and join.”

      Sure you can’t please everyone all the time, but it really takes a serious interaction for someone to go post on the forums. In the six years, and 5 different FPS games I’ve been through with the 5307th, we’ve had one complaint that I know of and it was someone that was kicked for repetitive rules abuse. We’ve never had a complaint about our admins or members in the years I’ve been with them.

      As for opinions…it’s not an opinion that they cuss at players, and beat them down verbally in game. It’s not an opinion that they use the admin rcon tool to kick/kill players to steal vehicles, they admit to that one on their forums. It’s not an opinion that they verbally abuse anyone that has anything negative to say about admins or the server, even if the complainer is presenting a perfectly valid incident that any civilized person would consider abuse. These have all happened, and even been admitted to.

      I notice you are not a DA member, or assume so from the context of your post. I appreciate that you are inclined to defend people who pay for their own server. I usually do as well, and have on many occasions on the BF3 forums when people complain and generalize about admins. In most cases admins and servers are pretty good to their guests, act in a professional manner, and generally don’t abuse the privileges that come with owning a server. I even defended DA after I talked to Illuzion the first time, but in this case this server is a perfect example of the level of childishness the FPS community seems to be sinking into. Heck, not to repeat myself too much, as I wrote about this a few posts back, but there used to be a time when someone would shoot you and you threw out a ‘NS’, or “Good one”, now it’s ‘F- you’ and ‘Hacker!’. It’s pretty sad how much like XBox live the game chat is starting to look.

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