1. I liked the newer one better simply because the women were given more and better roles. For example, I had no role-models or girls I wanted to be in the first Star Trek series. I just had to pretend I was a female Spock. Now you have a show like the modern BSG and oh I can be Starbuck? HECK YES.

    • xamotdb

      A very good point, and I liked how the female characters weren’t just sex symbols, unless they were supposed to be. If the character or story demanded that then that’s what we got. When it demanded they be something else, they were. You could tell they weren’t just put in there for eye candy like a lot of sci fi shows/movies.

      Also on that note, they didn’t shy away from making them sexy when it was called for. Some shows go too far in the other extreme as well.

      • I agree it’s not as action-oriented as it once was, but it still has me hokeod. The repetitive character conflicts are tiresome, and the convoluted plot is exasperating, but it’s still the best frackin’ TV show out there, although I’m biased about that: it’s the only one I watch.

    • I agree. It’s gone from a riveting Sci-Fi pgarrom to a whiny soap opera.I hate it when they do that stuff.I’d like to see a Star Trek Academy based show. It would give the opportunity to have episodes in any Trek timeline from the beginning of the Academy to Kirks time to something FAR in to the future featuring the Time Corps. It would allow new young (read sexy) faces to come and go and guest spots by any of the beloved characters form shows past.Sadly I can see how they’d turn in into Star Trek 90210 and focus on who is sleeping with who and alien babies blah blah blah.

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