Get your geek on, holiday(s) I didn’t know about

**FNB SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT** Before we get started, I have to ask a huge favor of everyone that stops by this site.  I have started to consider whether I should migrate this page to a more formal website address, such as (without the wordpress).  I want to justify it though, so I need to see … [Read more…]

Pointless geek debates: Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica

I was doing my morning workout the other day, flipping through the Netflix instant watch when I found the classic BSG (Battlestar Galactica) on the list.  I also saw the new one, and I thought why not?  I haven’t seen the old one in years, let’s give it a looksee.  As I was watching it, … [Read more…]

Gray Isles, a NWN2 persistent world

Oi lubber, watch that mud. Wouldn’t wanna git them fancy boots dirty eh? What brings ye out ta Ol’ Misty anyway? Ye some kinda treasure hunter, or fool adventurer? Well, if yer here to throw yer life away fer a bit o’ gold, there’s somat ye oughta know.  This here town, Freeport, this is the … [Read more…]

May’s gamer lady of the month

This month’s lady gamer has declined a photo, which is fine by us.  I met Rachael when we started our server project at Gray Isles, and she has been an outstanding player and member of our community.  Sadly due to my own busy schedule and off play times, I haven’t gotten to RP with her … [Read more…]

Late to the party reviews: The Avengers

I think I’m like a lot of people, who don’t always have to be first to the movies, or wait in line for that book release.  I don’t really like a full theater, long lines, or talking people and screaming children.  I just find it too distracting from the experience, and since I know I’m … [Read more…]

Nerf blaster modding: these aren’t just for kids!

As a few of you know I work at a great software company, that understands the need for their people to have an outlet for their creativity.  It’s a very comfortable, laid back place to work, and they believe that having fun goes hand in hand with getting good work out of people.  One of … [Read more…]

April’s gamer lady of the month

I first met Rachelle on a NWN2 server called The Frontier Reborn, though I didn’t know it at the time.  I never talked to players much outside the game back then.  We ran into each other again on another NWN2 server called Dalelands Beyond.  We roleplayed a bit there but our characters rarely had reason … [Read more…]

Sexism in Comics?

I saw this picture and I was inspired to write something.  Yes, it’s funny, and on the surface it seems true, but it points out a glaring double standard in the way we view male and female roles in media and entertainment.  As a comic collector I have had to listen, for years, to complaints … [Read more…]