Late to the party reviews: The Avengers

I think I’m like a lot of people, who don’t always have to be first to the movies, or wait in line for that book release.  I don’t really like a full theater, long lines, or talking people and screaming children.  I just find it too distracting from the experience, and since I know I’m … [Read more…]

Nerf blaster modding: these aren’t just for kids!

As a few of you know I work at a great software company, that understands the need for their people to have an outlet for their creativity.  It’s a very comfortable, laid back place to work, and they believe that having fun goes hand in hand with getting good work out of people.  One of … [Read more…]

April’s gamer lady of the month

I first met Rachelle on a NWN2 server called The Frontier Reborn, though I didn’t know it at the time.  I never talked to players much outside the game back then.  We ran into each other again on another NWN2 server called Dalelands Beyond.  We roleplayed a bit there but our characters rarely had reason … [Read more…]

Sexism in Comics?

I saw this picture and I was inspired to write something.  Yes, it’s funny, and on the surface it seems true, but it points out a glaring double standard in the way we view male and female roles in media and entertainment.  As a comic collector I have had to listen, for years, to complaints … [Read more…]

Anticipated release: Guild Wars 2

Yesterday I opened my email and it was like Christmas, if the gift-giving holiday only came once every three years or so.  In my inbox sat an email I had been waiting for for about that long.  Finally, this weekend, Guild Wars 2’s first public beta!  Any Guild Wars fan knows, we’ve been waiting for … [Read more…]

C2E2, the new great comic convention in Chicago

This past weekend Julie and I made our yearly trek to Chicago for a comic book convention.  In years past we had always gone to Wizard World/Comic Con, but the last couple of years we’ve been less-than impressed with the August con.  Last year we decided to try out C2E2 which is earlier in the … [Read more…]

Come to the dark side, we have…new PCs?

Ok, so I’ve been looking forward to Guild Wars 2 for a couple years now, like any other Guild Wars fan and anyone that has been introduced to the game afterward.  Even my wife, who has not really been too much into games and never into tabletop RPGs, said some oh so sweet words to … [Read more…]

March’s gamer lady of the month

All right, in the spirit of getting caught up finally, here, ladies and gentlemen, is your Gamer Lady of March!  Felicia is a fantastic roleplayer, and friend, that I’ve known for a few months now.  I met her on a Neverwinter Nights 2 server awhile back, and have since had great game time, and fun … [Read more…]