Zombie Watch: Houses for your post-zombie apocalyptic future.

One of the big questions, come the zombie apocalypse, go on the run or button down in a safe house?  Well, this article is going to feature two options for those of you who think shutting out the outside world and waiting things out is the safest bet.  We’re going to take a look at … [Read more…]

July’s gamer lady of the month

I’ve known Rhicora a little while now, and so far have known her to be a nice, easy to get along with, and creative player and dungeon master on our server.  She’s been a great addition to our staff over at Gray Isles, and has helped add to the drama, tension, and great story telling … [Read more…]

End of DayZ Journal ep. 2

So, hope you all enjoyed episode one of my little experiment here.  I really need to get some screenshots next time I log in.  Anyway, here is episode two of this writing exercise.  I hope it gets you in the mood for some zombie stomping.  So far I’ve had much more luck, since I’ve had … [Read more…]

Pointless geek debates: Macross vs. Robotech

This is one I’ve seen going on for a while, and being a huge fan of the classic Robotech, I’m always surprised when people are so heated when they talk about hating it compared to the original version.  A little background for all the readers that aren’t in the know.  Macross is an anime series released … [Read more…]

Late to the party reviews: Ergo Proxy

My wife and I just finished this anime series last night and we both enjoyed it quite a bit.  This sci-fi anime caught us up in the story pretty fast, but didn’t spoon feed us the story which I like.  Each episode left you with questions, kept the mystery rolling, so that you wanted to … [Read more…]

End of DayZ Journal ep. 1

I started playing this game a couple of days ago…well this mod to an already popular FPS game.  It’s a zombie survival mod for the game Arma II, and so far I’m impressed.  It is still in the alpha stage, so there are a lot of rough spots, but overall the game is fun, and … [Read more…]

Zombie watch: Tools for survival

I’ve come across two sets of tools that I think should be in the arsenal of anyone that is worried about a coming zombie apocalypse.  Most people, when they think of fighting zombies, think of guns.  Yes, a good firearm would be essential, but face it, if there really was a zombie apocalypse there’s a … [Read more…]

Late to the party reviews: Knights of the Dinner Table

I’ve been a huge fan of this gaming magazine/comic book for years, even following these strips way back in the pages of Dragon Magazine.  Kenzer and Company continues to put out one of the most entertaining, informative, and humorous comic books to date in my opinion.  They keep the art minimal and the content top … [Read more…]

June’s gamer lady of the month

Our lady of June is another player from the NWN2 server I help out with.  I’ve known Andrea for a couple years now I guess, since the previous server I played on.  Her RP has always been interesting and she’s always been a fun player to share the game with.  She’s since come over to … [Read more…]