Skullkickers Comic Book Review

Skull Kickers

Skullkickers is the best buddy comedy set in a fantasy world I think you’ll ever read.  I picked up “1000 Opas and a Dead Body” after several years of reading Jim’s other work, but for some reason I never got around to picking this one up.  It’s a shame that I waited so long but … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: October Movie Reviews

Finished the month with five theater visits.  None of what I saw was complete garbage, but I would say that one film got close.  And that one surprised me.  In fact, a few movies surprised me this month.  The rest were good surprises.  A few movies were better than I thought they’d be.  That’s always … [Read more…]

Wonder Woman is Bisexual…And? Opinion

Wonder Woman

Recently Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka confirmed that Diana is indeed bisexual.  Yes, I know he used the word queer to describe her but I was raised to believe that was an exceptionally rude way to describe a person.  It means strange, abnormal, and I know that people are reclaiming the word but it still … [Read more…]

Marvel’s Luke Cage Review TV Review

Luke Cage

Mild spoilers ahead.  Just go watch it.  It’s awesome. Luke Cage is one of my favorite little known superheroes.  His notoriety got a huge shot in the arm September 30 with the release of the newest Marvel Netflix series.  It is the best one so far.  Not by an incredible degree as the other two … [Read more…]

Casting My Childhood Hero – Roddy Piper Opinion

Roddy Piper

Even if you don’t like horror thrillers, comic books, supporting indie creators, or all of the above – get a ticket to see The CHAIR because Roddy Piper was freaking brilliant in it and the performance deserves to be seen. Let me take a step back a bit and explain that, for the sake of … [Read more…]

Raygun Comic Book Review


**UPDATE** Raygun is no longer a part of Alterna’s lineup due to contract issues. Editor’s Note:  I was provided a review copy of Raygun by Alterna Comics. Also there are some spoilers of issue #1 below. Raygun tells the tale of Matthew, a young boy who is sent to live with his father, and accidentally … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: September Movie Review

Don't Think Twice

Went to the theaters five times this month.  Masterminds doesn’t come out until the last day of the month, and I plan to spend my limited time that day watching the first few episodes of Netflix’s Luke Cage.  So there.  While nothing blew my mind this month, my selection was good.  As in, another month … [Read more…]

Octal Comics is Helping Creators Pitch Their Books News

Octal 2

After the success of Volume 1, Octal is releasing Volume 2 of their project to help get independent comics in front of publishers for consideration.  Volume 1 had over two dozen publishers subscribe to the catalog, showing 8 pilot stories, all of which received feedback.  4 are discussing proposals, and 2 are working out contracts … [Read more…]

American Ninja Warrior, Equality, Competition, and the Human Spirit Opinion

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is a show borrowed from Japan’s Sasuke Rising, or Ninja Warrior.  It’s a competition show where athletes take on an obstacle course that requires a lot of agility, speed, strength, and will.  Sasuke  is about to have it’s 33rd season with only 4 finishers over the course of it’s run.  The American … [Read more…]

I, Holmes Comic Book Review

I, Holmes

Editor’s note: I was provided with a review copy of I, Holmes by Alterna Comics. I, Holmes is a fun look at placing a Sherlock Holmes type story in modern times, without transporting or transplanting the iconic detective into the future.  I (yes, her name is the letter I) is the great granddaughter of Sherlock … [Read more…]