Alterna Comics Releases for October 2018 Comic Book Solicitations

Midnight Mystery

IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY #3 (W) Troy Vevasis, Chas Pangburn, James Andrew Clark, Marco Lopez, Jeremy Ferretti, Eric Gahagan,Jeremy Massie (A) Aleksandar Jovic, Enzo Pertile, Robert Ahmad, SickJoe, Kelly Williams, Halil Mete, Jeremy Massie (Cover) Bernie Gonzalez $1.99, 48 pgs, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Full Color, Newsprint Interior   This Halloween Spooktacular is all “treat”! In this issue: a zombie-infested … [Read more…]

GM’s Toolkit: Props Roleplaying Tips

World of Thelos

Roleplaying is largely an imaginative experience.  Players have a sheet that describes their imaginary character in game terms.  The Game Master has a script for the adventure based on fictional people, events and monsters.  Most of the game takes place in everyone’s mind, sometimes with the aid of a map and miniatures to make combat … [Read more…]

Subversive Comics teams with Paul Nicholson for All New Mayhem News


Subversive Comics and Paul Nicholson are teaming up for a new comic series, Mayhem.  Nicholson has been a designer with Japanese video games and music labels as well as creating the Laughing Man logo for Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex.  Subversive is an indie comic publisher based in the UK with titles like Bearlands, … [Read more…]

THE CHAIR to be distributed by Terror Films News

The Chair

Starring Roddy Piper in his final feature film role; based on the Alterna Comics title Terror Films has acquired THE CHAIR for distribution to streaming on demand and video on demand services. The film follows the plot of the Alterna Comics psychological horror comic book created and written by Peter Simeti with art by Kevin … [Read more…]

Eden Comic Book Review


Editor’s Note: I was provided a PDF review copy of Eden by the publisher. Eden is another great release brought to you by Alterna Comics with Eric Henson filling the role of artist and writer on the project.  The story of Eden is set in 2714 and Earth is under the rule of a tyrannical alien race.  Brigadier … [Read more…]

The Ferryman Comic Book Review

The Ferryman

Editor’s Note: I was sent a review copy of The Ferryman after requesting it from the creator. The Ferryman is a new comic from Sean Campbell and currently going through funding over on Indiegogo.  The story takes place in a future where the idea of an afterlife is no longer the stuff of legend, faith, or … [Read more…]

Metaphase Comic Book Review


Editor’s Note: I was provided a review copy by the publisher for this review. Metaphase, which went to a second printing already, was inspired by creator Chip Reece’s son Ollie.  Chip wanted to create something unique, and special for his son, who has Down syndrome.  “METAPHASE is a prime example of how important comic books and graphic … [Read more…]

Tunnels & Trolls Releases First Player Created Adventure Gaming News

MetaArcade, the creators of the Tunnels & Trolls mobile text adventure game started a Creator Pilot Program back in March to accept submissions for player created adventures.  The response was huge, and you can still sign up to contribute.  MetaArcade says that with such a great response to the program they were able to take … [Read more…]

Alterna Comics Releases for August 2018 Comic Book Solicitations

Go West

IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY #2 (W) Troy Vevasis, Terry Mayo, Jeremy Massie, Chas! Pangburn, Shawn Milazzo, Chris Charlton, Justin Sane (A) Dave Swartz, Cem Iroz, Aleksandar Jovic, Jeremy Massie, Juan Calle, Ryan Quackenbush, Nico Leon (Cover) Kelly Williams $1.99, 48 pgs, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Full Color, Newsprint Interior Cursed dolls, a mustachioed skeleton, a computer … [Read more…]

GM’s Toolkit: The Dreaded Sneak Attack Roleplaying Tips


One of my players asked my opinion on sneak attack, and how I handle it at my table.  It was sparked by their experience with another DM who has nerfed rogues in his campaign because he feels the sneak attack is over-powered.  To mitigate this at his table he only allows the first attack a … [Read more…]