The Past Month in Theaters: August 2017 Movie Reviews

I managed to make it to the theaters seven times in the month of August.  Saw one more movie than I was planning to, but more on that later.  Decent month in theaters with one clear standout. Atomic Blonde, directed by one of the co-directors of the first John Wick, was not as good as … [Read more…]

Casting Call: Dragonlance Saga Movie Feature

Weis and Hickman

I have been a fan of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman for well over twenty years now.  Especially a fan of their Dragonlance Saga.  They’ve crafted a world so deep and intricate that it’s easy to lose yourself in for hours at a time.  I’ve wanted a movie about this series for about as long … [Read more…]

Oni Press Crossing Over into Gaming News

Press Release: Oni Press, the acclaimed Portland-based comics publisher, announces the launch of Oni Games, a new gaming imprint dedicated to bringing Oni Press titles to the growing tabletop market. With the response to Renegade Game Studios’ Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game based on the graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley and designed … [Read more…]

The Stygian Sisters Metal Belly Dance Review

Stygian Sisters

I had the pleasure of seeing the Stygian Sisters perform at the Dark History and Horror Con this year in Champaign, Illinois.  The routine I saw, when I had a break from helping at my wife’s booth, was two of the ladies killing it to Rammstein’s “Du Hast”.  Whirling black cloth, metal studs, chains and … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters:  July 2017 Movie Reviews

Spider-Man Homecoming

Only four trips to the theater in the month of July.  I might have seen Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets if it didn’t come out the same week as one of my most anticipated movies of the year.  But let’s just dive right in!  Despicable Me 3 was fine.  Better than Minions but not better than the two previous films … [Read more…]

And then the Women: Not Loving Changes to American Ninja Warrior Qualifying Opinion

**UPDATE: Corrected results of Jessie’s run at Daytona** I covered American Ninja Warrior last year as a great example of a fair competition with people pitting themselves against a course.  A perfect level playing field where people either make it or they don’t.  Fewer women run the course than men, and the group of finishers … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters:  June Movie Reviews

Baby Driver

I went to the movie theater five times in the month of June.  I neglected to see the most recent addition to the Transformers franchise and The Mummy.  Mostly because the former looked both ridiculous and terrible and the latter just looked plain terrible.  No regrets. Captain Underpants:  The First Epic Movie is based on a cherished book series from my childhood.  Was it as amazing … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters:  May 2017 Movie Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I made a total of six treks to my local cinema in the month of May.  All in all, not the best month.  Nothing thoroughly impressed me.  On top of that, a film disappointed me and another was trash.  Not gonna take long to get to those two, so let’s begin. How to Be a … [Read more…]

Wonder Woman: DCEU Finally Finds a Rhythm Movie Review

Wonder Woman

I went into Wonder Woman with a sense of hopeful skepticism.  Unfortunately there’s been a plethora of recreational outrage articles and think pieces trying to divide us along lines of race, gender, and fandom.  Women-only showings, movie’s not feminist enough, Gail is or isn’t a person of color, you name it and the chimps will … [Read more…]

Star Trek The Next Generation Retrospective TV Review

Star Trek: TNG

I set a challenge for myself a couple years ago, to watch all the Star Trek series and movies in chronological order, and then review them for you all. I had already watched pretty much all of them over the years, in the order they were released, but it had been sporadic. I really wanted … [Read more…]