The Past Month in Theaters: January Movie Review

A Monster Calls

Y’all thought this was gonna be the start of my top 20 films of 2016 list, but I ran out of time to finish that before February started.  It’ll be nearly three weekends into February by the time even this goes out.  I hope to be done with the entire top 20 before the end … [Read more…]

Hollywood, did you even watch CHiPs? Opinion


I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming CHiPs remake coming to theaters and I had such an adverse reaction to what I was seeing, but I was reminded of all the times I’ve rolled my eyes at people going off about “Studios ruining my childhood”.  It made me pause, but only for a minute. … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: December Movie Review

Manchester by the Sea

December was one of the best months this year for movies; as if that isn’t usually the case, what with all the Oscar bait getting released.  I went to the theaters eight times in the final month of the year.  Was told to avoid Assassins Creed from absolutely everybody I trust, so I heeded their … [Read more…]

Norman Comic Book Review


Norman, from Titan Comics, is the cutest little twisted comic I’ve read in awhile, maybe ever.  The book tells the story of Norman, an eight year old boy who wants to be the very best serial killer in the world.  Inspired by horror legends like Krueger and Voorhees, Norman seeks out victims to recreate some … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: November

I went to the theaters ten times in the month of November, for a total of nine different films.  This is the best month of the year so far, as you lovely readers will see shortly.  Picking the movie of the month was a difficult task.  Without further ado… Movie of the month goes to … [Read more…]

Skullkickers Comic Book Review

Skull Kickers

Skullkickers is the best buddy comedy set in a fantasy world I think you’ll ever read.  I picked up “1000 Opas and a Dead Body” after several years of reading Jim’s other work, but for some reason I never got around to picking this one up.  It’s a shame that I waited so long but … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: October Movie Reviews

Finished the month with five theater visits.  None of what I saw was complete garbage, but I would say that one film got close.  And that one surprised me.  In fact, a few movies surprised me this month.  The rest were good surprises.  A few movies were better than I thought they’d be.  That’s always … [Read more…]

Wonder Woman is Bisexual…And? Opinion

Wonder Woman

Recently Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka confirmed that Diana is indeed bisexual.  Yes, I know he used the word queer to describe her but I was raised to believe that was an exceptionally rude way to describe a person.  It means strange, abnormal, and I know that people are reclaiming the word but it still … [Read more…]

Marvel’s Luke Cage Review TV Review

Luke Cage

Mild spoilers ahead.  Just go watch it.  It’s awesome. Luke Cage is one of my favorite little known superheroes.  His notoriety got a huge shot in the arm September 30 with the release of the newest Marvel Netflix series.  It is the best one so far.  Not by an incredible degree as the other two … [Read more…]