The Ferryman Comic Book Review

The Ferryman

Editor’s Note: I was sent a review copy of The Ferryman after requesting it from the creator. The Ferryman is a new comic from Sean Campbell and currently going through funding over on Indiegogo.  The story takes place in a future where the idea of an afterlife is no longer the stuff of legend, faith, or … [Read more…]

Metaphase Comic Book Review


Editor’s Note: I was provided a review copy by the publisher for this review. Metaphase, which went to a second printing already, was inspired by creator Chip Reece’s son Ollie.  Chip wanted to create something unique, and special for his son, who has Down syndrome.  “METAPHASE is a prime example of how important comic books and graphic … [Read more…]

Tunnels & Trolls Releases First Player Created Adventure Gaming News

MetaArcade, the creators of the Tunnels & Trolls mobile text adventure game started a Creator Pilot Program back in March to accept submissions for player created adventures.  The response was huge, and you can still sign up to contribute.  MetaArcade says that with such a great response to the program they were able to take … [Read more…]

Alterna Comics Releases for August 2018 Comic Book Solicitations

Go West

IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY #2 (W) Troy Vevasis, Terry Mayo, Jeremy Massie, Chas! Pangburn, Shawn Milazzo, Chris Charlton, Justin Sane (A) Dave Swartz, Cem Iroz, Aleksandar Jovic, Jeremy Massie, Juan Calle, Ryan Quackenbush, Nico Leon (Cover) Kelly Williams $1.99, 48 pgs, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Full Color, Newsprint Interior Cursed dolls, a mustachioed skeleton, a computer … [Read more…]

GM’s Toolkit: The Dreaded Sneak Attack Roleplaying Tips


One of my players asked my opinion on sneak attack, and how I handle it at my table.  It was sparked by their experience with another DM who has nerfed rogues in his campaign because he feels the sneak attack is over-powered.  To mitigate this at his table he only allows the first attack a … [Read more…]

Alterna Comics Releases for June and July 2018 Comic Book News


JUNE  IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY #1 (W) Peter Simeti, Troy Vevasis, Ben Slabak, Jeremy Massie, Stephanie Cannon, Various (A) Michael Oppenheimer, Aleksandar Jovic, Salo Farias, Jeremy Massie, Various (CA) Eli Powell $1.99, 56 pgs, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Full Color, Newsprint Interior APR181244 Focusing on horror, sci-fi, and fantasy – this bi-monthly ongoing double-sized anthology features the best and brightest … [Read more…]

Why Historical Accuracy is Important in Video Games Opinion


When the popular RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance was discussed a couple years ago the topic of historical accuracy in games became pretty heated.  Now with its release, and some information about Assassin’s Creed Origins historical references coming to light the topic is in our media again.  How important is historical accuracy in games though?  I … [Read more…]

Black Panther Movie Review

Black Panther

There has been a lot of background noise around the recent release of Black Panther.  Unfortunately it did cause me some trepidation in going to see it.  I thought, this better be good or the noise around it will be an absolute nightmare beyond what it already was.  It is a MCU movie though, and … [Read more…]

The Island Comic Book Review

The Island

The Island is an ongoing webcomic series set in a future Earth that has been ravaged by war.  Anant, a sailor on an Indian naval submarine arrives on the island seeking the town of Peony Hill.  He’s met by a strange young woman who offers to help.  Nearby is also a Chinese aircraft carrier where … [Read more…]

The Chair Comic Book Review

The Chair

It’s not often a comic leaves me speechless but Peter Simeti did it with The Chair.  I got into the series late, during the re-release newsprint edition and now I’m a little sad that I missed the original run ten years ago.  Perhaps if I hadn’t had my head buried so deep in Marvel (to … [Read more…]