Best of Geek in 2017 A Year in Review

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

2017 was a great year for geekdom.  We saw some great movies, games, and comics this year.  Awesome books and tech, and all fun things we geeks and nerds love.  Amidst all the negativity, conflict, and arguments there’s been a lot of good to be had.  So here’s a look 2017’s Best of Geek based … [Read more…]

Rags: A Zombie Shopping Spree Comic Book Preview


Rags: A Zombie Shopping Spree is a preview comic for a series put together by Brian Ball, Trent Luther, and Luigitot Tuerel.  The issue gives us a glimpse of the life of Marine Cpl Regina Ragowski in the midst of a zombie outbreak.  It appears, from information on the site that the regular run will … [Read more…]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review

Editor’s Note: I could not avoid spoilers completely.  I did try to brush past the big ones but there are a few here. The Last Jedi is a clear passing of the torch for the Star Wars franchise. Where The Force Awakens gives us an introduction to the ‘new generation’ the latest installment gives them … [Read more…]

Graphic Novel METAPHASE Sells Out and Sparks Second Printing Press Release

Alterna Comics is proud to announce that the METAPHASE graphic novel by Chip Reece, Kelly Williams, and Peter Simeti, has sold out and is going back to print to fill a surge in demand. METAPHASE, originally created in 2014 and published in 2015, tells the story of Ollie, a boy with Down syndrome, that wants … [Read more…]

The Orville TV Review

The Orville Cast

We finally caught the final episode of The Orville, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m also glad to hear about, and looking forward to the second season.  Our only outlet currently for new Star Trek has its cursing and dark anti-Trek themes locked behind a pay-wall.  Or, we can look forward to … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: November 2017 Movie Review

Thor: Ragnarok

Ten times in the month of November, one of which was to see a movie released this month twice.  This was a spectacular month in theaters.  We got the start of Oscar bait season, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.  In the past few years, the typical dreck has given way to some truly spectacular … [Read more…]

Upcoming Releases from Avery Hill Publishing Comic Press Release

On a Sunbeam

On A Sunbeam by Tillie Walden Release date: Autumn 2018 Avery Hill Publishing is proud to announce that it has acquired the UK + British Commonwealth rights to publish On A Sunbeam, the Eisner- nominated, hit webcomic by long-time Avery Hill collaborator Tillie Walden. This will be the fourth Tillie Walden book from Avery Hill, … [Read more…]

Punisher TV Review

The Punisher

Right from the opening credits scene you know Punisher is going to be a complicated story.  The smoke trails and plumes against a black screen make you wonder what you’re seeing.  The slow introduction of gun parts appear in sharp detail, bringing with them the full picture of what is happening.  Instruments of war, defense, … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: October 2017 Movie Reviews

Keep Watching

I went to the theaters nine times in the month of October, one of which was to see Kingsman:  The Golden Circle again.  This was a pretty good month in theaters all told.  No dumpster fires here, but two films may have gotten close.  And some people will not be happy about one of them…  Let’s just tear this bandage off immediately:  Blade Runner 2049 was … [Read more…]