Star Trek The Next Generation Retrospective TV Review

Star Trek: TNG

I set a challenge for myself a couple years ago, to watch all the Star Trek series and movies in chronological order, and then review them for you all. I had already watched pretty much all of them over the years, in the order they were released, but it had been sporadic. I really wanted … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters:  March and April Movie Review


I realize I’m a month late, but I have a good reason.  I got my Switch at the start of April.  And I’m a huge Zelda fan.  Understandable?  Yes.  I went to the theaters eight times in the month of March where I saw one movie again.  April only gave me four theater trips. MARCH: … [Read more…]

Demand for Alterna Comics Newsprint Higher than Expected News

Lilith Dark

Recently Alterna Comics announced their #BringingBackNewsprint initiative to release newsprint comics priced between $1.00 and $1.50.  Demand for four of the new titles was so high that the print run will be extended, and not with a second printing, but an increase in initial runs from the printer.  The four titles getting an extended printing and … [Read more…]

It Wasn’t About Diversity: An Open Letter to Marvel They Probably Won’t Read Opinion


Marvel sales are taking a hit, and have been for awhile.  In January of 2017, while Marvel holds the #1 spot with U.S.Avengers the rest of the top ten are 6 DC titles, one from Image and two more Marvel books.  In the past Marvel always held the high ground among the big two, but … [Read more…]

Major Pains over Ghost in the Shell Casting Opinion

Ghost in the Shell

Before our brave western bloggers and social media activists went all Matt Damon to protect our poor Asian brethren from the whitewashing of Danny Rand they asked a more important question; was casting Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell racist?  It seems pretty cut and dry right?  The story is set in Japan.  The … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: February Movie Review

John Wick

  Been a busy few weeks, folks.  Sorry about the delay.  Six trips to the theater in the month of February, although I only saw four new movies.  There were several movies I had a small interest in seeing I decided not to bother with.  Two of which came out the weekend after Valentine’s Day.  … [Read more…]

Logan and Deadpool Could Save Mutant Movies, if People Pay Attention Opinion


I have wanted movie mutants to go back to Marvel since 2008’s Iron Man.  Partly it was my idea, at the time, that all the Marvel characters should be together.  It was also because Iron Man showed that you could make a superhero movie, that looked like a superhero comic, and people would love it. … [Read more…]

The Top 20 Movies of the Year: 2016 Movie Review

Deadpool Movie

I’ve decided to do all 20 films in one big article because this has taken far too long already.  SPOILERS AHEAD! Before I start off the countdown, time for the honorable mentions.  In no particular order:  The BFG, The Accountant, Deepwater Horizon, Hidden Figures, Fences, Hands of Stone, Storks, Don’t Think Twice, Eddie the Eagle, … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: January Movie Review

A Monster Calls

Y’all thought this was gonna be the start of my top 20 films of 2016 list, but I ran out of time to finish that before February started.  It’ll be nearly three weekends into February by the time even this goes out.  I hope to be done with the entire top 20 before the end … [Read more…]