Comichaus is Bringing Readers and Indie Creators Together on the Cheap

Comichaus is a small indie comic marketplace based out of the UK that launched in 2015. They have a ton of features for both creators and collectors. Among these services is a place to buy and sell comics as well as an app to read digital comics for a small subscription fee, and a way … [Read more…]

Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics Swatted During Live Stream

Peter Simeti was in the middle of a live stream on Feburary 12th when local police showed up at his door. They were responding to a false report that an anonymous person called in, claiming to be Simeti and stating he had just stabbed his girlfriend and was going to hurt himself. According to the … [Read more…]

Knights of the Dinner Table

Knights of the Dinner Table is a long running comic and gaming magazine that got its start as a small comic strip in Shadis magazine in 1990. It wasn’t long before the comic began publishing as stand alone issues, but remained in Shadis for a few years. It came up again in Dragon Magazine published … [Read more…]

Feast or Famine

Editor’s Note: I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher. Once again Alterna delivers a unique and original story, this time from writer Dave Swartz and artist Joseph Cooper. Feast or Famine feels like something right out of the Burroughs/Howard era of pulp adventure and old-world science fiction. It is set … [Read more…]

Oddly Normal Comic Book Review

Oddly Normal is a comic written and Illustrated by Otis Frampton, and published by Image Comics. It is a re-aimagining of a collection released in 2006. While classified as a children’s comic, it’s not childish at all, or written too young to be enjoyed by adults. I picked it up the TPB after seeing some … [Read more…]

Fathom Vol. 6: Typhos Awaken Comic Book Review

Fathom Volume 6

Fathom Volume 6 is a trade paperback collection of Fathom issues 1-8 of the new Aspen Universe books. The story arc is written by Blake Northcott with art by Marco Renna, and starts off the new tales of Aspen Matthews with a bang. The story pits Aspen against her own people to protect humans against … [Read more…]