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  1. xamotdb

    After I wrote this I came up with a theory about this show that I need to add as an addendum, or whatever you would call it. I think this show, like the damn button in the bunker, is just a social experiment and they even told you they were doing it and everyone was fooled! They presented you with a show, that in effect, has no answers, no real outcome, and in the end nothing changes or is fixed. Every week you push that button, expecting something to happen, and every week nothing. You get this sense that if you don’t push that button next week the island will cease to exist, so you have to push it again, in the vain hope that something will be fixed. For once I agree with John…DON’T PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON! Trust me, the island won’t blow up, you’ll just reset that monotonous timer.

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