1. I’m still deciding whether to pre-order this or not (yes I’m one of the crazy ones :P.) I’m sure I’ll love it when it comes but I have to admit I have some doubts. I loved the first game, but gameplay wise it’s not the best out there (there are other MMO’s I like more.) What kept me hooked was the challenge and tactics. I loved designing builds, trying the hard dungeons out (slavers Exile), soloing campaigns and getting titles such as survivor. I’ve heard that Guild Wars 2 might be a bit simpler than this. From your own experience do you feel that the game still offers lots of challenges and tactical gameplay? I also wish they’d made centaur an available race to play. I’m not keen on norns or Sulvari and the area that the Char start in isn’t much to my tastes either. I have to admit, I’ve also spent so long building my GW1 characters up it is just going to be hard to start anew in another game world in which they probably died a long time ago.

    Things I am keen to see are the character creation and quest systems. I’ve heard that the game will be pretty free and open and that your characters have personalities. I love anything that gives me a lot of control over how my characters are. When (not if) I do eventually get it, I will probably play a ranger also, as this is what I played most in the first game. Either that or a thief or a necromancer.

    • xamotdb

      Guild Wars 2 is simple in that it is easier to do what you want to do. There is still the ability to create build with skills, and such, they’ve just changed what skills are tied to. I also feel there is more option for varying your tactics. Things like combos with other players, utilizing the environment, being able to jump, all add a new level of strategy to the game. I’ve seen video of rangers firing arrows through an elementalist’s wall of fire, creating fire arrows! I’ve also used jumping to great advantage in combat, leaping from one bridge to another to attack a foe who had us pinned down with ranged attacks.

      Character creation is so much more detailed, and the choices you make during creation effect your character’s story. Honestly, with 5 races, 6 or 7? classes and each one having a few combinations of backgrounds, you could spend quite a lot of time experiencing all the story this game has to offer. I have tried all the classes so far and am drawn to the guardian, necromancer (of course) and the ranger.

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