Isola is a fantasy comic out of Image Comics from Brendan Fletcher and Karl Kerschl with colors by MSassyK (Michele Assarasakorn). Released in April of 2018, the book follows two women on a quest to the island of Isola to find a way to lift a curse. Isola is set in its own unique world that appears to be a mix of traditional fantasy elements with some modern or futuristic trappings.

The story so far has been a great and intriguing read. We follow the tale of Queen Olwyn, cursed to take the form of a tiger, and her captain Rook who takes up the charge to lead Olwyn to the island of Isola to find a way to break the curse. Along the way the writers build a world that is unique, mysterious, and fascinating. Fletcher and Kerschl say they are inspired by Miyazaki and it shows through and through with the style of art and storytelling. I could easily see this as an animated feature in a collection with Miyazaki’s classics. It has become my favorite book in my pull list now that Rose is over (hopefully only temporarily.) The only bad thing is I want more. Like a lot of comics with this much world-building and lore, I want novelizations. I think there’s so much that could be added and I’m left at the end of every issue feeling hungry for that.

The art is simply gorgeous. Kerschl’s pencils and Assarasakorn’s colors work so well together, for this story that I can’t imagine any other team doing it. The art makes the world feel old and lived-in, and the details make the book a pleasure to flip through just to look at the imagery. While the story is reminiscent of Miyazaki, the art would fit right into that style. The backgrounds and scenery are beautiful. The action panels are exciting, and it’s all wonderful to look at. Besides being my favorite book I’m currently pulling, it’s by far the best looking as well.

Give this book a read if you’re looking for new unique fantasy comics. The first trade volume is out, and the next single issue following that should be available at your local shop.

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