Book Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

First off, sorry for being gone so long, it’s been a rough month here at Frags and Beer.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you all, and there’s been plenty of beer drinking and nub fraggin going on here.  This time around, since this blog is about whatever I am interested in, I want to … [Read more…]

Game type: Rush (How it’s done)

So, imagine you are playing rush, and you see right away a ton of snipers and mortar when you spawn.  You might think to yourself, I am so glad I’m on the defending side, but then you realize you’re not so you settle in for several minutes of fail because you know that’s what is … [Read more…]

January’s gamer lady of the month

First, an update on yesterday’s post.  When I let the guys at DA know that I would be writing about my experience, and give them the opportunity to discuss it, I of course got flamed right away on their forums.  It’s what I expected, and why I haven’t gone there to post anything.  I prefer … [Read more…]

PSA, Avoid Digital Anarchy

Awhile back I ran afoul of an admin on this BF3 server.  I’ve played on their servers all the way back to BF2, and put in a lot of hours on their BF3 server.  I posted about the event here.  You will notice I edited that post at the bottom, because there was another situation. … [Read more…]

Battlefield is not fair…really?!

Every once in awhile I have a little crazy spell and I dip my toe into the EA/Dice/Origin forums connected to Battlelog.  Every time I regret it almost as soon as I click the first post with an intriguing title.  First I have to say, a lot of people need to go back to playing … [Read more…]

Thanks to Illuzion and Digital Anarchy

Every once in awhile you run into a server admin that thinks they can do whatever they want, simply on the premise that they are an admin.  I ran into such an admin yesterday on the Digital Anarchy server for Battlefield 3.  First let me say, I generally have fun on that server.  I visit … [Read more…]

This isn’t COD people, you have a job to do

Ok, so I touched on teamwork a bit when it had to do with squads and taking flags.  You’d be amazed how much teamwork is needed in Battlefield 3.  Do you pick the assault kit and only throw down health packs for yourself?  Do you play support and keep all the ammo kits in your … [Read more…]

Teamwork! Teamwork! Comeone guys, teamwork!

So, I’m playing Battlefield 3 today, on one of my regular servers that I visit when there’s no one on ours, and I was blown away at how anti-teamwork my team was.  Granted, I’m used to lack of teamwork in Battlefield games.  It has been that way for awhile, even in Battlefield 2 to an … [Read more…]

Battlefield 3: Be a better sniper!

Probably the most hated kit in the battlefield franchise, and role in just about any other FPS game, is that of the sniper.  No-skill, camping, spawn-killing noobs right?  In many cases that’s an accurate description of a sniper.  I am going to give some pointers though, for all you Battlefield 3 snipers, to make you … [Read more…]