Build and Discover: America – The Country Building Simulator to Launch in 2022

Build and Discover: America is a newly announced game by the publisher and producer, Angry Bulls Studio. The game is compared to Tropico in the wild west or something like Anno but with cowboys. B&D is a mixture of real-time strategy game genres combined with a country building simulation and strong economic elements, all based … [Read more…]

Cocktails and Classics Versus: Flatliners

Julie and I watched the new Flatliners the other night, and she mentioned how it was different from the original. I had only seen parts of the original myself so we thought it might be fun to watch it, as part of our regular Cocktails and Classics lineup, and do a comparison. Thus, Cocktails and … [Read more…]

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Gets a New Early Access Date

NeoCore Games has been working to iron out bugs and issues with the early access release of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale and has set a new release date of January 26th. “While we are aware that Early Access is called that name for a reason, we want to ensure everything is polished and bugs are … [Read more…]

Cocktails and Classics: The Rocketeer

Julie and I had not seen this movie since we were kids, and both had fond memories of it. Action, adventure, heroes, villains, and a rocket pack, what’s not to love? It’s one of those classic adventure films full of cheesy, tropey, family fun, but would it hold up in this age of superhero blockbusters? … [Read more…]

Cocktails and Classics: Quigley Down Under

Scrolling through old movies to watch, we passed this one and I commented how much I enjoyed it when I was younger. Julie made the fateful statement, “I don’t think I’ve seen that,” which of course required us to hit play. It was a surprise to me that I found a lot more to appreciate … [Read more…]

Cyberpunk 2077 First Impressions and Media Misinformation

The information about Cyberpunk seems to be all over the place. Either it’s the best game that’s ever hit the market, or more popularly, it’s the buggiest, unplayable game that’s ever seen the light of day. I’m not seeing a whole lot of in between from the media or streamers, but I got really frustrated … [Read more…]

Enter the World of Chaldea, an Epic Fantasy Series Premiering to Fans Worldwide

For fantasy fans, a new world brings anticipation, excitement and opportunity to delve outside the ordinary. Enter the World of Chaldea, a new fantasy series created by Peter Adkison and told through comic art using motion graphics, voice over actors, sound effects, and an original score to create a unique experience for subscribers.  Six years in … [Read more…]

Snail Games’ Top-down Shooter ZCREW Delivers High-octane Zombie Killing for up to 4 players

Developed by Emotion Studio and Snail Games, ZCREW supports up to four players in no-holds-barred, frantic co-op play – along with an intense single-player campaign. In ZCREW, an alien virus has turned people into raving mad zombies – wreaking havoc on the planet and leaving only ruins behind. To re-establish order, the U.N.R. summons the help of genetically modified human … [Read more…]

Navigate an ocean of sand in the action RPG Sands of Aura Arriving Next Year

Chashu Entertainment today announced that Sands of Aura, the studio’s latest project, will arrive on Steam Early Access in 2021.  Featuring stunning Unreal 4 graphics – including eye-opening level design, creature modeling and particle effects – Sands of Aura delivers the brutal difficulty of Souls-like games, along with rewarding dungeon crawling, addictive loot progression, and hardcore real-time combat. In Sands of Aura, … [Read more…]

Precision Platformer Luciform is Coming to Steam Early in 2021

A precision platformer with an endearing protagonist, Luciform’s colorful graphics and beautiful environments provide the perfect backdrop for some truly intense color-coded platforming action. The game is being developed by Israeli developer Noam Matan Rotem, who is known for his previous title, Forgiveness. n Luciform, a family of mythical creatures has been captured by the Red-Eyed Gorilla. To … [Read more…]