1. I am so proud of my daughter for doing this. I was bullied when I was younger. I fought against the bullying of my daughter and was treated like “an hysterical female” until I told the principal of one of the schools that I was a parent, taxpayer and an employee of the district and he shut up…he basically hid when he knew I was coming around. It’s unfortunate that this type of thing is still happening to both children and adults. It’s sad that not many people do anything to stop this crap. It’s sad that people have committed suicide because of being bullied. I am hoping that things will change because people who bully or those who see it being done and don’t do anything to stop it, should all be held accountable. I thank you for interviewing my daughter. I know she was nervous about the whole situation and I thank you for bearing with her! Thank you for your support! I know she and all the others involved with the anti-bullying project appreciate your help!

    • Trever Bierschbach

      Well it’s quite an honor to have Crymson’s mom stop by, and she was great. I didn’t think she was nervous at all. I’m so glad to help in any way I can, I think if we weren’t bullied we know someone who was. I still remember my son coming home from school after a couple of bad incidents and how it felt knowing there’s not much that can be done until it gets to its worst. I think getting this project as much exposure as possible is a great step to making some real change. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, you’ve got an awesome daughter.

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