Classic games we love: Eye of the Beholder

250px-Eye_of_the_Beholder_I_PC_boxI spent countless hours playing this game, and the two that came after, though most of my time was in this one.  This is an old school, first person dungeon crawl game that incorporates as much of the feel of D&D as one could get at the time.  I would argue that these games did better simulating a traditional dungeon crawl than even newer RPGs.  This game, and its successors, had great stories complete with puzzles, monsters, treasure, and traps which will remind any gamer of hours spent at the table throwing dice.

Obviously, based on the AD&D ruleset, these games were developed by Westwood Studios (except for the third one which was done by SSI in house).  The first game, Eye of the Beholder, was released in 1990 for PC and later ported to Amiga, Sega CD and SNES.  I had the PC version of the first one when it came out, and years later I bought the collector’s edition that had all three.  I never did get too much into the third, but the first two were very enjoyable.  I would still recommend these games to anyone who wants to play a classic dungeon adventure.

My personal memories of this game were keeping track of the puzzles and rune stones to open the portals, and making detailed maps of the dungeons on graph paper, some of which I still have.  I would mark off a square for each click, making it a 10×10 cube for each ‘step’ in the game.  These maps later became instrumental in some of the more memorable adventures I DMed years ago.  If you like classic games, or just want a touch of nostalgia, definitely check this one out.

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