Books, games, GenCon, and more updates!

Long time no write it seems.  Work’s been busy the last couple of weeks, along with a demanding school schedule and writing projects, I’m finding myself with only a little time for other things.  I’d like to take this time to wrap up a few updates on things going on here, and things we’ve seen about the interwebz.

From the twisted mind of ‘this guy’

I have been hard at work on some writing projects, and hopefully soon they will be available over at Amazon.  My first short will be hitting the digital market in the next couple of months now that I have found a very talented cover artist to get me some much-needed graphical assistance.  I’ll release more information on him in the near future, but for now I’m going to keep up the suspense.  I’m hard at work on the second story in the current series, and have two other works done and waiting for art.  I hope to have a couple of them to advertise at GenCon in August.

GenCon Guests of Honor

Speaking of GenCon, we are all set with our press passes and ready to go.  I’m excited for the artist and author guests of honor this year, Brom, and Mercedes Lackey respectively.  I’m hoping to sit in at least one of Mercedes’ talks about writing and hopefully glean just a sliver of the talent she has for writing.  I’ve always liked Brom so I’m looking forward to seeing his work in person and maybe pick up something for an autograph to add to my expanding art collection.

LucasArts is done

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it was announced very recently that the video game division of George Lucas’ empire is now closed.  Disney wants to take a licensing route, letting other developers do games based on the Lucas franchise.  Sadly 150 people lost their jobs with this decision, and I’m not to enthusiastic about the market that Disney has available to them.  I foresee EA or Activision being the obvious choices and while I don’t entirely hate EA, Activision can completely vanish for all I care.

Upcoming Shooter Excitement!

It was also recently announced that Battlefield 4 will release this fall.  The 17 minute trailer you can find on YouTube is excellent and I’m excited for this one.  I’ll most likely be reserving a copy and hopefully hitting the beta later this summer.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m also looking forward to Arma 3, and hope to get in on the beta play next week.  It looks like a few in my gaming clan are interested so it might be something that gets some serious time.

Stay tuned for more, hopefully I will be able to catch up on a lot of my planned articles with my vacation coming up.  Until then have fun!

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