2017: A Year in Review Opinion

LoganI owe this to y’all, so here it be:  2017, a year in review.  SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!! 



11) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle:  Eleven because I couldn’t knock the list down to ten.  This is probably the best live-action video game movie of all time.  And it isn’t even based on a video game.  Yeah.  The Rock is in his element, Jack Black nails it, Kevin Hart is who he always is, and Karen Gillan kicked ass.  Good time all around. 94 

10) IT:  Scary.  Unsettling.  And just creepy at times.  Although not the best horror movie this year, it was still fantastic.  The child actors all did a great job, much better than most child actors if we’re being honest. 95 

9) Kingsman: The Golden Circle:  Clearly not as good as the first but a fine effort at a sequel.  It was good fun.  Was the way they brought back Colin Firth’s character a little convenient?  Sure, but his character did add a lot to the movie.  And the action scenes were tight. 95 

8) The LEGO Batman Movie:  The second best movie in the LEGO film franchise and a fine meta Batman film.  The amount of obscure Batman references in this was frankly insane. 96 

7) Spider-Man: Homecoming:  This may just be the best Spider-Man movie we’ve ever gotten, although the sequel is going to have Mysterio in it.  That’s my favorite Spider-Man villain.  Michael Keaton was one of the finest MCU villains yet.  Tom Holland is the definitive movie Spider-Man. 97 

6) Thor: Ragnarok:  Easily the best Thor movie.  Adding comedy to the Thor franchise was such a great idea.  Funny with great world-building, although Avengers: Infinity War kind of undid a lot of this movie. 97 

5) Get Out:  One of the finest horror movies of the last ten years.  Who knew Jordan Peele had it in him? 98 

4) Baby Driver: In my opinion, Edgar Wright’s best film outside of Hot Fuzz.  The music was incredible.  One of the most enjoyable films of the year.  99 

3) The Disaster Artist:  The Room is such a fantastically bad movie.  Probably the funniest unintentional comedy of all time.  The movie about its making was wildly entertaining.  James Franco killed it as Tommy Wiseau.  100 

2) John Wick: Chapter 2:  The rare sequel that is just as good as the original (or very, very close to it.)  The third one is gonna be awesome as I’ve already seen some set photos where Keanu is having a chase scene while riding a horse against a bunch of dudes on motorcycles.  That just sounds incredibly awesome. 100 

1) Logan:  Definitely the best superhero movie that isn’t based on a DC property (if anyone remembers my top 10 films of all time list.)  Hugh Jackman couldn’t have asked for a better swan song for his time as Wolverine. 100 


There were some pretty enjoyable songs last year.  “Terryfold” by Chaos Chaos (feat. Justin Roiland) was one of the many highlights of the most recent season of Rick and Morty.  “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman was one of the best movie songs last year.  And Tupper Ware Remix Party did another collaboration with Ninja Sex Party to give us the excellent “Built 4 Love.”  But at the end of the day, I had to give it to “Magnum Bullets” by Night Runner (feat. Dan Avidan.)  Yes, Danny Sexbang is on lead vocals.  It is one of those story songs, a case of revenge.  And how it inevitably destroys the person seeking it in the end.  I even reached out to the band and told them the song would be a great opening for a murder mystery film.  They agreed that would be awesome.  The music video currently being made for the song may win an honor in 2018 year in review article.  Who knows? 


Outside of the soundtrack for the second season of Rhett & Link’s Buddy System (check it out on YouTube Premium,) my eventual winner for this had no real competition.  “Under the Covers, Vol. II” by Ninja Sex Party.  This one really shouldn’t surprise anyone, so let’s move on. 


Ninja Sex Party really went there with this one.  Why get three porn stars to gyrate in candy adorned bikinis?  Why not?  “Pour Some Sugar on Me by Ninja Sex Party was easily the best music video last year.  It’s also the best song off the covers album in the last award. 


Netflix seems to be best as the two top contenders for this award were both on the platform.  While I adored The Punisher, I really do think Castlevania wins the day.  Yes, the season was only four episodes.  But I really do think it was that awesome.  The action scenes were fantastic.  Trevor Belmont was amazing as a wisecracking drunkard who can kick ass.  I highly recommend checking this series out. 


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Do I really have to qualify this at all?  Of course it won.  Nothing else came close. 


How to Be a Latin Lover was awful.  The acting was stale.  The jokes were terrible.  The plot was crap.  And they had to pull “Weird Al” Yankovic into it for some reason.  No major YouTuber touched this film at all.  I still don’t know why I saw it. 


That’s all for now.  Next is the 2018 SO FAR OMNIBUS. 

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