Creating Untouchable Characters Will Kill Diversity Opinion

Billboard Outrage

Recently actress Rose McGowan took umbrage with the image above, decrying the depiction of violence against women used as advertising material. Never mind that that this is a pivotal dramatic scene in a fictional movie in which the woman is a hero (Mystique) who puts everything on the line to try and stop the villain … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: May Movie Review

Civil War

A total of five trips to the theater this month, one of which was to see a movie I’d already seen.  That movie shouldn’t be hard to guess.  I did not make it to my local indie theater this month, but that was more a time crunch issue than anything.  Save for one, this month’s … [Read more…]

Zombie Watch: Bringing Dead Brains Back and Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Sorta Satire

Zombie Watch

Editor’s note:  Zombie watch is a feature I haven’t written for a long time, but it takes a light-hearted look at news around the world and explores the idea that these things might be related to a coming zombie apocalypse.  The news is real, the commentary is satire.  Hope you enjoy. Recently a biotech company … [Read more…]

#NotAtMyTable Has Two Sides and Both are Right and Wrong Opinion

Tabletop Creed

Recently a Tumblr post about some awful tabletop stories came up again.  I did a piece on it, so I won’t rehash that.  It’s since lead to a conversation and hashtag on Twitter and a lot of angry postings by both sides, or all sides of this issue.  There really are a lot of sides, … [Read more…]

DC Seems to be Learning From Marvel’s Success Opinion

Marvel Vs. DC

Recent changes and major shakeups at the studios behind the DC movie universe seems to indicate that they are finally seeing the light when it comes to making superhero movies.  It’s hard to deny that Marvel has been soundly trouncing DC at the box office with only counting Marvel’s 13 official MCU films raking in $300 Million (unadjusted … [Read more…]

Santa Fe Comic Con Promoter Causes a Stir in the Community News


Editor’s note: This story is still developing as we reach out to people in the community for their reactions and perspective on this issue. We will update as needed. The promoter for Santa Fe Comic Con, Jim Burleson made comments on the con’s Facebook page this weekend in regards to requests he has received for … [Read more…]

The Past Month in Theaters: April Movie Review

Hardcore Henry

  As stated in last month’s rundown, there weren’t that many movies I was looking forward to this month.  I made four trips to the theaters in the month of April.  Probably would have been five, but I completely forgot about I Saw the Light until it was too late.  Let’s just get on with … [Read more…]

Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies Comic Book Review

Chaos Campus 2

Editor’s Note:  I received Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs. Zombies issue 0 and a TPB as review copies from Approbation Comics. Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs. Zombies tells the tale of Jamie Schaffer, Paige Patton, and Brittany Miller who are, as you might imagine, sorority sisters living during a zombie apocalypse.  Jamie makes up the … [Read more…]

A Gamer’s Concerns About Social Autopsy Opinion

Logo- Final Wout background

Editor’s note:  On the 14th the twitter account for Social Autopsy put out a challenge of sorts, they wanted a guest blog from someone in the gaming world to tell them our concerns.  I immediately responded and told them I’d be happy to write up something based on my concerns and what I’m seeing in … [Read more…]