Everglade Angels: A New Graphic Novel from Blake Northcott, Scott Lobdell, and Roc Upchurch

Everglade Angels is an adult horror graphic novel from creators Blake Northcott (North Valley Grimoire and Fathom), Scott Lobdell (X-Men and Happy Deathday), and Roc Upchurch (Rat Queens.) The project is on Kickstarter with 26 days left as of this writing. This stellar team is putting together a 48 page survival horror “like you’ve never … [Read more…]

Comichaus is Bringing Readers and Indie Creators Together on the Cheap

Comichaus is a small indie comic marketplace based out of the UK that launched in 2015. They have a ton of features for both creators and collectors. Among these services is a place to buy and sell comics as well as an app to read digital comics for a small subscription fee, and a way … [Read more…]

Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics Swatted During Live Stream

Peter Simeti was in the middle of a live stream on Feburary 12th when local police showed up at his door. They were responding to a false report that an anonymous person called in, claiming to be Simeti and stating he had just stabbed his girlfriend and was going to hurt himself. According to the … [Read more…]

Knights of the Dinner Table

Knights of the Dinner Table is a long running comic and gaming magazine that got its start as a small comic strip in Shadis magazine in 1990. It wasn’t long before the comic began publishing as stand alone issues, but remained in Shadis for a few years. It came up again in Dragon Magazine published … [Read more…]