Oddly Normal Comic Book Review

Oddly Normal is a comic written and Illustrated by Otis Frampton, and published by Image Comics. It is a re-aimagining of a collection released in 2006. While classified as a children’s comic, it’s not childish at all, or written too young to be enjoyed by adults. I picked it up the TPB after seeing some … [Read more…]

Fathom Vol. 6: Typhos Awaken Comic Book Review

Fathom Volume 6

Fathom Volume 6 is a trade paperback collection of Fathom issues 1-8 of the new Aspen Universe books. The story arc is written by Blake Northcott with art by Marco Renna, and starts off the new tales of Aspen Matthews with a bang. The story pits Aspen against her own people to protect humans against … [Read more…]

2017: A Year in Review Opinion

I owe this to y’all, so here it be:  2017, a year in review.  SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!    TOP 11 MOVIES OF THE YEAR  11) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle:  Eleven because I couldn’t knock the list down to ten.  This is probably the best live-action video game movie of all time.  And it isn’t even based on a video game.  Yeah.  The … [Read more…]

Ninja Sex Party Concert at the Starland Ballroom: The Best Rock Concert EVER! Live Music Review

Ninja Sex Party

It has been a hot minute.  I was dealing with some stuff I’d rather not get into ever.  Moving on…   Before I begin my review of the actual concert, I would like to say it was pouring that night.  I stood outside in the absolute pouring rain for over an hour until the doors … [Read more…]

The Elemental Balance #1 Comic Book Review

The Elemental Balance

The Elemental Balance is a new series from creator Zain Shenwari, artist Luke Horsman, and inZane comics. The series starts off with an issue titled “Ground Breaking News” which introduces us to Chloe and Baraka. They are elementals, people who have developed powers by being exposed to powerful elements at the time of their death. … [Read more…]

TERROR FILMS brings Alterna’s THE CHAIR to Amazon Prime! Comic News

The Chair

TERROR FILMS is set to release a new horror film every Friday in the month of October, in a special promotion aptly titled, FREAKY FRIDAYS! Each week a new film will be released in North America exclusively on Amazon Prime. First up from TERROR FILMS is THE CHAIR. Set for release on Friday, October 5th, … [Read more…]

Exilium Comic Book Review


Editor’s Note: I was provided a review copy by the publisher for this review. Exilium is a SciFi comic from writer Ben Slabak and artist Salo Farias with colors by Marc Sintes and HdE on letters.  The book is published by Alterna Comics as part of their newsprint line.  The story follows the aftermath of … [Read more…]

32 Kills Comic Book Review

32 Kills

32 Kills is a new release from Comichaus by Andy Clift and Mike Garley.  It’s an ultra-violent action comic following the protagonist on a search for clues, or information, that finally takes her back home for a brutal confrontation.  The dialogue is light, and the action is fast and heavy.  The book is available to … [Read more…]

Follow Me In Comic Book Review

Follow Me In

Follow Me In is sort of a mixed bag for a comic book.  It’s part travel journal and part autobiography.  It is written from the perspective of a young artist traveling abroad with her boyfriend, and the art reflects that in it’s sketchbook feel and penciled colors.  It touches on cultural appreciation and sensitivity, exploration, … [Read more…]

Alterna Comics Releases for October 2018 Comic Book Solicitations

Midnight Mystery

IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY #3 (W) Troy Vevasis, Chas Pangburn, James Andrew Clark, Marco Lopez, Jeremy Ferretti, Eric Gahagan,Jeremy Massie (A) Aleksandar Jovic, Enzo Pertile, Robert Ahmad, SickJoe, Kelly Williams, Halil Mete, Jeremy Massie (Cover) Bernie Gonzalez $1.99, 48 pgs, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Full Color, Newsprint Interior   This Halloween Spooktacular is all “treat”! In this issue: a zombie-infested … [Read more…]