Paranormal Stealth-Action Title Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit Set for 2021 Release

Today, publisher and developer Busan Sanai Games are pleased to announce a Q2 2021 release for their upcoming stealth-action thriller, Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit on PC. In the game, players take on the role of a young Korean girl who seeks vengeance against those who murdered her and her family. Having made a deal with Jeoseung Saja, the … [Read more…]

Cocktails and Classics: Roadhouse

What classic movie watch list is complete without this Swayze hit, Road House? This time we had a special guest, Becca, join us for our weekly movie night, and it was a blast. We had our standard fare, cherry old fashioned drinks (really need to look at some new recipes to try) as well as … [Read more…]

Sloclap announces Sifu, which will be released this fall exclusively on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation consoles

Parisian independent studio  Sloclap  unveiled its new game during Sony’s PlayStation State of Play. After the success of the multiplayer hit Absolver in 2017,  Sifu  intends to explore the themes of revenge and redemption with a combat system faithful to the values ​​of kung fu. It will be released this fall on the Epic Games Store , PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. … [Read more…]

Enter the Dark World of Private Detective Mordred Foley as Investigative Thriller Dry Drowning

VLG Publishing (a label owned by award-winning video game publisher, Leonardo Interactive) and developer Studio V are thrilled to announce that psychological investigative thriller Dry Drowning is out now for Nintendo Switch in North America. The European release will follow soon. Following the launch of the acclaimed PC title, this captivating visual novel makes its handheld debut … [Read more…]

Reimagine the City of Lights in The Architect: Paris

Enodo Games, an independent French developer, is proud to announce the Early Access launch of The Architect: Paris on Steam, available today at 6pm CET (12pm EST, 9AM PST). In this construction game, players will be able to visit and discover Paris from every possible angle thanks to a unique 3D recreation of the French capital in … [Read more…]

Cocktails and Classics: The Warriors

The Warriors is a movie I’ve seen a lot about, but we’ve never seen so we decided to give it a run. Released, in 1979, The Warriors is an action thriller about groups of gangs in New York and how one of them gets framed for killing a famous gang leader. The Warriors gang is … [Read more…]

Modiphius Fallout RPG and 3D Printed Miniatures Humble Bundle Now Available

The wasteland is fraught with murderous mutants and plenty of unsavory characters eager to swindle folks out of those precious bottle caps — but with the Fallout RPG and 3D Miniatures Bundle, from world-renowned roleplaying publisher Modiphius Entertainment, you can live the life of a vault dweller without a hint of radiation poisoning and for a lot … [Read more…]

Bazooka Bowl Fever is Here! Worms Rumble Prepares for an Explosive Community Event Starting 25th February

Team17 has today announced an explosive community event – Bazooka Bowl – for Worms Rumble, which kicks off next week. The limited-time event, which runs across PlayStation® 5, PlayStation 4, and PC from 3pm GMT on Thursday, 25th February until 3pm GMT on Monday, 1st March, invites players to choose between three teams, Downtown Dragons, Armageddon Heat, and … [Read more…]

Open-world Space Game Relic Space Arriving on Steam Early Access in Q3 2021

The open-world, turn-based RPG Relic Space will be making its debut on Steam Early Access in Q3 2021. If you’re a fan of The Expanse – like all of us at Novy – you’re going to get a kick out of the game’s ship-to-ship combat and movement, which rely on actual physics. (See “Real space” bullet below for specifics.) Developed by Jonah Wilberg … [Read more…]

Victory at Sea Ironclad Coming to Steam Early Access Soon

Victory At Sea Ironclad, will launch on February 25th with a Union forces campaign, before receiving an additional Confederate campaign, mod support, and custom battles later in its early access period. Hunt down Blockade Runners, protect your resources and fight for the seas and rivers of the American Civil War. Play as either the United … [Read more…]